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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Prince Chas goes to Saudi (again) - It’s the oil, stupid!

News media in the United Kingdom announced last week that the Prince of Wales, heir to the throne, was paying a visit to his royal mates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Photographs were widely circulated of Prince Charles, dressed in traditional Arab raiment, dancing and partying with local royals, politicians and military officers. Duchess Camilla of Cornwall was noticeably absent from the festivities – in fact I checked all the photos and couldn’t spot a single woman in any of them.  Nevertheless, all the guys seemed to be having a great time, brandishing swords and demonstrating some cool Arab moves to their Welsh guest.

Can't see the Duchess in one of those
According to reports, this is Charles’s tenth visit to the Saudi kingdom – at least twice as many times as he has been to New Zealand, one of his Commonwealth’s staunchest members. Well, to be fair, New Zealand is a lot further from Cardiff than Saudi Arabia is – but still, you’d have to wonder what the big attraction is. Apparently the next stop for the Heir Apparent is Qatar, and a spokesman for Amnesty International has expressed hopes that Charles will raise the issue of human rights in both places. My advice to them is, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

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